Silver-MSM Cream with Indian Rose and Geranium Essential Oils (2 size options)

Silver-MSM Cream with Indian Rose and Geranium Essential Oils (2 size options)

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How it works

Silver-MSM Cream offers high quality anti-microbial skincare. Utilising MicroSilver, whose ions are designed to disrupt the spread of bacteria that leads to outbreaks of bad skin, Silver-MSM Cream is the perfect way to enhance your skin’s natural defences. By preventing cell division in a way that older technologies such as colloidal silver struggle to do, MicroSilver stops bad cells from multiplying while letting good bacteria thrive. In short, it is a natural way of ensuring that your skin remains clear and healthy.

Using MSM the unique detoxifying skin nutrient is a cornerstone of Silver-MSM skin care: MSM provides organic sulphur deep in the epidermal layers where it is most needed for cell repair. It is the often overlooked nutrient skin cells need for healthy renewal, building flexible, fully functioning cell membranes, thus strengthening the skin cell matrix.

Rejuvenating face cream with a heavenly scent

Indian Rose Oil can be helpful in controlling and regulating sebum production when skin is too oily, while providing essential hydration where skin is dry. Geranium Oil helps clearing congested skin and oxygenates skin cells by improving microcirculation in the skin. Both oils have been found to stimulate skin cell regeneration and this essential oil blend also offers a heavenly uplifting scent

  • rich and nourishing cream for all skin types and areas
  • lightly fragranced with Indian Rose and Geranium Essential Oils
  • contains MicroSilver which is clinically proven to have anti-microbial properties and is safe to use long term
  • all natural skin care product made with MSM, the unique detoxifying skin nutrient
  • made with beeswax for a slight barrier function, which helps protect the skin.

Ingredients and special note

Steam-Distilled Water, Proprietary Blend of Cold-Pressed Oils (Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond, Thistle), Cetearyl Glucoside (from Sugar Beet), Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, MSM (not less than 10 % of total), Vitamin E, Indian Rose (Palmarosa) Oil, Geranium Oil, Cinnamyl alcohol, Eugenol, Isoeugenol, Silver

Essential Oils can be irritants to some people. Please stop use if adverse reactions are experienced