About Silver-MSM

Who we are and what we do

In the heart of rural Devon, in the South West of England, and in the shadow of the iconic Dartmoor valleys, Living Energy Systems has continued to grow from strength-to-strength, developing artisanal, innovative, natural skincare products that represent the very best available on the current market.

What began as a father’s attempts to produce irritant-free, effective skin and hair care products for his young family has now led to an international company that helps customers across several countries. Since commencing trade in 1998, and after going international in 2003, Living Energy Systems has been striving to bring the very best products to its ever-broadening family. To this day, we still handle the development of every product in-house and oversee the production of each and every batch to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Living Energy Systems combines the cutting-edge active ingredient MicroSilverTM (a chemical-free, ECOCERT-approved component with astounding remedial properties) with the simple desire to produce effective and ethical solutions to a range of skin complaints.

We are proud to announce that our Silver-MSM range is the consequence of more than two decades of development and it is only just beginning.

Join our growing family now and find something that works for you. 

Our vision: A five-point manifesto for skincare


This is what we aim to offer: 

  • Quality skincare — At Living Energy Systems we are committed to offering the very best products on the market. To achieve this, we ensure that we remain up-to-date with developments across the sector, sourcing only the finest ingredients in order to deliver the best possible results.

  • Innovative skincare — We rely on up-to-date research and use that data to create products that are ahead of rival products on the market. While larger companies have been busy navigating the law for using colloidal silver, we have been busy creating innovative new products using MicroSilverTM, pure elemental silver that is proven to be up to 10x more effective than colloidal silver.

  • Ethical skincare — Our products are ethically-produced and cruelty-free, as well as 100% paraffin- and preservative-free. Unlike many products which use cheap ingredients made from petroleum, we ensure that our creams and lotions are environmentally sustainable and do nothing to further irritate the skin.

  • Independent skincare from the heart of Devon — We pride ourselves on being a home-grown family business with over two decades of experience.

  • Guaranteed skincare — We believe in our products and are proud of how effectively they have helped customers over the years, but we nevertheless accept that what works for one might not work equally well for another. As such, if we can’t deliver the results you are looking for, we will refund you to the full amount.

Why MicroSilver?

We have been working hard for over two decades to deliver the best, handmade natural products on the market. At Living Energy Systems, we have been staying ahead of the game by using MicroSilverTM as a more effective alternative to colloidal silver.

What is MicroSilverTM? If colloidal silver is skincare’s past, then MicroSilverTM is its future. MicroSilverTM is a ECOCERT-approved, chemical-free skincare ingredient that effectively targets bad bacteria known to irritate sensitive skin. In scientific terms, it is a broad-spectrum anti-microbial substance. In real terms, this means that the ions of MicroSilverTM are designed to disrupt the spread of bacteria that leads to outbreaks of bad skin. By preventing cell division, MicroSilverTM stops the bad cells from multiplying thereby relieving the skin of irritating symptoms. This key function is the natural way of ensuring that your skin remains clear and healthy.

All of the above has been proven by studies into the effectiveness of MicroSilverTM. In fact, even in minute amounts, MicroSilverTM has been shown to be considerably more effective than past technologies — this means that a little goes a long way so you can afford to be sparing when applying it to your skin.

Give it try and find that it works for you too.